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America... Fuck yeah.

So I should probably post about the rest of my trip in LA..
It was beyond amazing! San Fransisco was definitely a highlight ^_~

Alyssa (Blacklickorish), Billy (Antiseptic Fashion), Athena Fatal, Mike and I all drove up to SF for Marquis Fetish Ball! It was pretty fun, and it was nice to see so many faces that I hadn't seen in years!!

kumimonster and I at the ball

I was modeling in Alyssa's show, it was really fun! And I got to see misscon for the first time in years! Yay!

Alyssa, vima_sophia and I

The next day I met up with some of my first cousins that I had never met before! That was pretty fun haha! It's fun getting to meet more of my family, living in Sctoland means that there are still a lot of them I don't know exist.
I don't have any pictures unfortunately because when I'm having fun I always forget I have a camera haha. Dumb iz I.

Then it was back to LA to spend the rest of the trip shooting and getting up to general mischief.

Someone that I met in SF decided to come down to LA and see me for a few days... that was fun! I gave me the chance to hang out at Santa Monica beach for the first time! I will definitely have to make a trip to SF fairly soon ^_~

Anyway, here are some photo's that Vance shot while we were in the desert! I'm so pleased, thanks to Vance and Alyssa my dream of being a mermaid is reality! Yeehaw! =P

Photography: Vance
Tail: Blacklickorish
MUA: Myself

Photography: Vance
MUA: Sutan

I went to a foot fetish party for the first time and ended up being booked to do a foot fetish shoot... hehehe! I love trying new things! I may have some pictures from that to post soon too!

Needless to say leaving was incredibly difficult.. in fact the only reason why I didn't just stay (because I was far too tempted =P ) was because I got an offer I couldn't refuse in London. But I'll be back out there before you can say "WOKKA WOKKA".
I'll be posting the pictures from my phone at some point too, my phones being dumb right now so I have to fix it first haha =P

I've started going on my cam more now that things have finally slowed down a bit..
I should be on again soon, you can keep up with when I'm going to be on my cam in real time via Twitter!

Also, I am now an official contributor for Latex All Access so you will able to find my first article on there fairly soon! =D

I will leave you with this disturbing video D=

And a cartoon picture of myself. (kumimonster made me do it =P )


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