Body Art Expo!!

Hi guys!
First things first.. everyone go out and buy a copy of INKED magazine because I'm featured in it for their SEX issue! Woohoo!!

Feature in INKED magazine

So this past weekend I was with Joanna Angel & some of the other Burning Angel girls promoting at the Body Art Expo in Pomona!!

It was a blast getting to meet so many awesome tattoo artist and enthusiasts! And being the little spontaneous Miss that I am I decided to get a very unusual piercing... Micro-dermals on the tips of my nipples!!

It wasn't pleasant.

But it looks fuckin' awesome!!
nipple dermals

Me and Masa!
Masa & I

He also did Asphyxia's AND her face! Yay!

The day was filled with pain... the good kind of course ^_~

On the last day Joanna, Asphyxia & I decided to get "RED DRAGON" tattoos in honor of Jason Ellis who is pretty awesome and if you haven't heard of him you should check out his radio show.. Every time I have been a guest on the show it has been a surreal experience and HILARIOUS. The last time we did Asphyxia had to put on a strap-on and pretty to be Mel Gibson while Rawdog had to put a fake pussy in between his legs and be the voice of Santa. They then had to act out a scenario and fuck each other. I was dying on the floor from laughing. EPIC is too meek of a word.

Asphyxia, Joanna Angel & I

We put hearts around it though so it would be more girlie.. hehe <3
Red Dragons!

BST got it done too, but he only got 1 heart next to it because he is a MAN.

At the Body Art Expo there was a competition for "Best Ass" and I WON!! It's the first trophy I've ever won and look how big it is!! ^___^

Best Ass winner at the Body Art expo

So the past few days I've been relaxing as much as possible and allowing my body time to heal.. (I also got "LA" tattooed behind my ear and my belly button re-pierced) so I've just been lying around doing work on my laptop and playing with the kittens..

I think Asphyxia & I are turning into crazy cat ladies.. we have two babies. Victoria & Isis. Victoria is cross-eyed and really friendly & playful. Everyone thinks Isis is a bitch, but I know she's just shy and gets startled easily so she hides a lot. I love them so much! Can you tell which ones which?

Victoria & Isis

Life is good right now... It is full of mid-night apple pie and motorcycle rides..



And awesome work stuff of course hehe ^_^

Is everyone enjoying my new video on Burning Angel right now? It's pretty dirty >=P

- Skin Diamond xoxo

AVN Awards!

It has been a very long time since I wrote a blog here... it is time again to start again now that I finally have my laptop back (^_^)

As you may have noticed I have officially relocated to Los Angeles from Scotland! Hurrah! I absolutely am in love with it here.. and one of the many reasons why is because it meant I could go to the AVN awards in Vegas this past weekend with my love Asphyxia! It was our first time going so we were pretty pumped. It turned out to exceed my expectations about a million times over!

The first night was the official Burning Angel party at the Black Door which was of course full of debauchery.. hmmm my favourite (^_~)



We were staying at the Venetian where the AEE expo was being held. It was great meeting so many fans! Although after two days of shouting over the loud music I managed to loose my voice.. oops!

Here is Asphyxia & I signing at the AVN booth wearing Jane Doe Latex!



I find Vegas to be my kinda town because it never stops.. I'm a night owl, so it's refreshing to be in a place where nothing ever stops after 2am ^_~

Although in saying that after a weekend of constant work/play I think my body needed a rest..

The AVN awards themselves was fantastic, they out on a real great show! And Burning Angel & Joanna Angel won 3 awards all together, including best website!!! Yes!!! So proud!!

The Burning Angel crew!!




So now I'm back from Vegas, and I'm in the midst of organising all of my shoots for January/February.. There are some exciting things in the works.. stay tuned!

- Skin Diamond xoxo


I really suck at updating.

I now live in London! I'm currently in between places at the moment because my new place won't be ready until I get back from LA & Ibiza, so for now I'm being most graciously hosted by goth_amalthea & bottled_cat!

When I first arrived I stayed with the beautiful Nina Kate as I was to model for her designs jane_doe_latex at the Erotic Awards! It was em... an interesting night to say the least!

The nest day was the Torture Garden Birthday Ball! I was planning on going anyway, but one of the models for the Rachael Freire fashion show dropped out, so I was called in to replace her. I was very excited as I love her designs, and I had shot in some of her pieces last year.. The show went very well, despite my vision being largely obscured by the crazy outfit I was wearing! It looked like a chainsaw! I will poke Allan tonight and see if I can steal some behind-the-scenes pictures for you guys ^_~

Nina & I at the start of the night looking very fresh faced and shockingly sober!
I find it highly amusing that almost every single show I've done at TG I've been given some form of mohawk, not that I'm complaining!!! =P

ulorin_vex and I a little later... "LET'S JUMP ON EACHOTHER!"

It was a fantastic night, and great to see all my friends again that I hadn't seen since New Year! I'm still waiting on some pictures that my loverrrr adreenaxxx & I had taken at the photobooth... I'm SO impatient!!

I'm really excited to move into my new place, it's in a converted church! And even though it's a flat, it has it's own wee private garden as it's on the ground floor, a perfect find for Pixie! I'm moving in with the stunning Jenia Corpus so it'll be ultimate girlie flat times, with loooads of animals running/slithering/hopping around ^_~
It's been an absolute nightmare trying to find the right place so it's a huge relief to have that part over with lol

Also finally got a new dancing gig! From now on you can find me dancing regularly at For Your Eyes Only in the Financial District of London! =D

Also happening in the dancing world is my old roomie and I's not-so-secret-anymore private dance group, Strictly Business XXX. We are planning on opening up a London branch after the success we've had in Edinburgh, and we also plan on turning the entire thing into a stage performance. Stay tuned!!!

I forgot to mention that I'm in Marquis in a feature on the work of Vance Photography!

And at the moment you can also find me on the front page of myspace advertising the up and coming Bizarre Ball!

Hehe, how amusing =P

I'm really missing my puppy, she's currently being puppy-sat by my mum while I get everything sorted down here...

She's getting so big!!

So right now I'm getting ready for LA, I'm going with Helene Atskuo and staying with blacklickorish... I'm so excited! It's going to be a short and insanely busy trip, but it'll be nice to see everyone again =D

Then pretty much as soon as I get back I'm off to Ibiza with Harlot Rouge for Hard Rock Hell. Hopefully I won't almost die this time LOL

OK! Time to get ready and go stuff my face with Mexican food with ulorin_vex & Allan!!! Yummm♥
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New Year.. New Adventures!

Ok. I have put this off for far too long.
I've been M.I.A. the past couple of months just trying to sort my finances out for my move to London, taking a break from constant (and expensive) traveling and happily ignoring the internet since my laptop died. It's been fun =)

I had a fantastic Christmas and an amazing New Year at Torture Garden in which I got to see my bi-atch Alyssa!!!

Demons in the underground!

So in the month I've been hiding there was Hard Rock Hell with Harlot Rouge. That was pretty epic.

It got so cold we decided to get warm by trying to crawl inside the oven. It made perfect sense at the time. I can honestly say that this weekend was the most drunk I have ever been in my life. Rock n' fuckin' ROLL!

There was also a shoot that I did with The Yerbury's. They are lovely people and I had wanted to shoot with them for a while so it was nice to finally get to work together!

I like being a blonde =D

I do believe that this is what I'd look like if my tattoo's magically disappeared!

I also went down to London for a shoot with Allan Amato and Nina Kate. Still waiting on more pics from that shoot but here is one in the meantime =D
Our theme was Flamingos since we both have flamingo tattoos ^_~

Hair: Ceri - Snarl Hair
MUA: I can't for the life of me remember her name! =/
Wardrobe: Jane Doe Latex

So then Christmas happened and it was the best Christmas I've had in a looooong time, I can't remember when my family and I have laughed so much!

At New Year I went down to London again to walk for Alyssa's fashion show for Blacklickorish!

I drank a lot of Jagermeister and at one point I fell asleep backstage for NO REASON, and no one thought to wake me up so I missed the end of the party. DAMMIT!! Haha... oh well.

Alyssa, Sister Sinister and I.

Get cho lipstick on ma face!

Two of my main bitchez!! Adreena & Sister Sinister. I am incapable of making "normal face".

EVERYBODY JUMP ON ULORIN!!... for some reason... 0_o

Ok, so that was the backstage antics. On stage antics were pretty surreal as we helped bring in the new year by firing confetti canons into the audience and spraying champagne in each others eyes. GO TEAM!

So the next day Alyssa and I pretty much did fuck all apart from eat pizza and recover so that we were all good n rested for our shoot with Allan, Ulorin Vex & Ruby True!

Here is a behind the scenes pic of us girls with the gorgeous designer.. ^_~
Latex: Blacklickorish

Stay tunes for pictures from that shoot soon!

Speaking of pictures, I finally have a picture from Sister Sinister and I's shoot ages ago! I can't wait for mooooore!

Latex: Breathless

And another from my solo shoot for Jane Doe Latex...


Photography: Nik Design


By the way, if you ever find yourself in Glasgow come see me dance at Platinum Lace where I will be dancing semi-regularly from now on! Keep an eye on my twitter to see when ^_~


Halloween & junk!

Well things are finally starting to calm down a tad, so I'm taking a little break from traveling for at least a few weeks. It was beginning to get a little ridiculous, haha!

Torture Garden Edinburgh was truly amazing! It was such a great turn out so hopefully there will be many more Edinburgh TG's in the future!

I was modeling for Torture Garden Clothing in the fashion show with Viktoria which was awesome! It was nice doing a show in my home city too as it meant I could bring Pixie to rehearsals with me haha!

I'm sure it wont be long 'till shes in a show! </joke>

A few of the girls and I after the show! I was an angry priest lady! Haaaaa

Me and my friend Honey found Edward Scissor hands!!

The next weekend I found myself back in London! Had a few scary meetings and the next day was the big Jane Doe Latex Fashion show at the TG Halloween Special!

It was insanely busy, and the show went so well! I'm glad I got to be a part of it all!!

Me having my make up done..

Trying to look creepy...

The finale was freakin' awesome!!!

Taking the flag away with my fellow curtain puller..

After the show!

Since I've been back I've just been taking it easy (amidst my dancing gig of course).. Pixie knows how to sit now! She's getting so big!


Pixie annoying my parents dog, Tia Maria!

I got a few pictures from Matt Christie from a shoot I did a few months ago... I really like this one =)

Photography: Matt Christie
MUA: Natasha Daniels

I'm especially excited at the moment because my tattoo artist Charlotte from Venus Flytrap Tattoo has finished drawing up my new design! It's been a seriously long time since I had any new work done and I'm really looking forward to this piece. It's to commemorate my recent Bizarre cover! Can't wait to show you guys!


Bizarre Ball

This weekend just past was the Bizarre Ball! Was really fun to hang out with the other Bizarre girls Viktoria Modesta, Nina Kate & Kitty Lea!


We all made an appearance on stage which was pretty surreal...
It was especially nice getting to meet so many fans! One of which told me my issue was the first Bizarre mag he had ever bought ^______^
After we went on stage, some Jane Doe Latex eye patches were thrown into the audience and whoever caught one got to come and have their pic taken with us!

Here is one lucky fan!

There are more pics on the Bizarre website =)

This is all of us with Dave Kelsall. He is the mastermind behind the Bizarre cover shoots. He is also freakin' awesome!

Me being dumb.

Of course my love adreenaxxx was there...

We got reeeeeally greasy pizza after wards and I got a piece of "fried chicken" that I think had been soaked in a vat of fat for about a year. I didn't eat it.. I ended up giving it to a gimp.

The next day I slept through my alarm and missed my train home (Guess that's what happens when you try and work for days on only 3 hours sleep...)
I'm kinda glad I did though because it meant that I got to partake in the gorgeous meal that bottled_cat made on Sunday evening!

Venison, wild mushrooms and roasted veggies!!! Yummmm♥


I got a pic back from Nik Design from the shoot during London Fetish Weekend!

Photography: Nik Design
Latex: Jane Doe Latex
MUA: Myself

There is much more to come!! ^_~

This weekend is Torture Garden Edinburgh!!!


It should be interesting to experience a fetish club on my own turf =P
You can buy tickets here!
Hope to see all you locals there! I will be modeling for Torture Garden Clothing with Viktoria!

Now I must go do boring paper work type stuff.. walk the pup and dye my hair before dancing tonight... What fun!



Right, I need to post this before I forget everything.

I will start with around 3 weeks ago.
Aaaaand GO!

I went down to London for a few extremely hectic days which involved my first ever Live Performance (stripping and acting doesn't count) at the opening of the Fuel Girls new club, Jet Black! It was very fun, did a mixture of sexy strip tease and pole dancing to a rock n roll soundtrack, and finished by pouring Jack Daniels all over me. I like getting messy!!

Here is goth_amalthea and I very drunk after my show..

The next day I did a group shoot with Trevor Goldsmith, Dolly Diamond & Amaya.. Trevor bought me Krispey Kreme Donuts and everything!!! Yaaaay! I ate 2 1/2 all at once and then felt very ill, but it was fun! I'm still waiting on pictures from that shoot, but here is one from my last shoot with Trevor to keep you occupied!

Photography: Trevor Goldsmith
MUA: Ekaterina Alimova

The next day was The London Tattoo Convention!

I got to hang out with hot girls all day and wear latex and basically arse about at the Bizarre booth until later on when I did the fashion show for Jane Doe Latex


After the Convention even though I was about to fall over and actually be dead, Harlot Rouge convinced me to come out and get wasted with her.. and I'm really glad I did, because I got this guy to jump in a pond/sewer for a shot of jager and it made my night hahaha! I can't remember his name right now, so let's just call him "Penis" which is what Harlot called him for most of the night anyway.


Okaaaay... NEXT!

London Fetish Weekend!

First thing I did after running around London crazily picking up latex from Nina and what-not, was go and shoot it all with Nik Design! We even ran around the freezing streets of London at god knows what time shooting.
Next day Sister Sinister and I got to shoot together... hurrah! We have shot together before, but thanks to one very unprofessional individual, we never got to see any of the pictures =(

We made up for it this time though, shooting new designs for Breathless and lot's of sexy video!!

A few behind the scenes pics!

Me making the camera man (Terrible with names!!!) take a picture of us on my phone for twitter purposes =P

The Saturday night was the Torture Garden London Fetish Weekend special... in which ulorin_vex and I were walking for Lacing Lilith

This is us being bored at rehearsals. (No make up madness)

Calamity Amelie and Eden Berlin rehearsing for the Torture Garden Clothing segment..

ulorin_vex and I then escaped to eat cheese on toast and chocolate at her house (as one does), kidnapped Alan, and then high tailed it back to the club to do the show..



Someone had a snake at the club. I left very torn by it though because I love snakes and it was a beautiful albino python, but I was a little concerned about the snakes well being...
Here's a picture of him anyway!


I just found this picture and I think it's probably my favorite ever because I'm not sure whats happening. I think we were playing light saber with our bottles of jager and red bull...in our mouths. I don't know.

Roswell Ivory, Sister Sinister & I!

The next day involved drinks with Nina Kate and then movie time with goth_amalthea & bottled_cat. By the way everyone should go see "The Mist" because it has the best ending ever. Maybe I'm just sick, but I laughed for about a day.

Here is goth_amalthea being a hamster.

When I got home guess what happened? Pixie arrived!!!
She is amazing. Really good and smart but also very mischievous, and she already goes everywhere with me.



The whole, "we're both wearing woolly jumpers" thing was completely unintentional =P

I love her so much, she's hard work some times though!

OK! Almost caught up on myself..

This past weekend I got to perform for a big Front gig thingy..


It was really fun! And Alex Sim-Wise & Kaylee are both angels! Love them.. it was nice getting to hang with other girls from my agency for the first time too..


I was a pink japanese school girl! Yesssss!!!!

So that's me pretty much up to date now. This weekend is the Bizarre Ball, at which I will be one of the guests of honour! Yay!

Oh! Some sets that I shot in Paris for Burning Angel have started to go live!

Couch Stripping


3 Girl Holiday


Photography: Kelly Lind

Right, that was the longest entry ever.. I really need to post more often so that this doesn't happen lol

I think I'm missing loads out but my ass is numb and it's time to cuddle my puppy and try and get rid of my cough from hell. Why am I always getting bloody sick?! Argh!!?!?!?!


Bizarre Magazine!

Well I can finally announce it!

My big secret shoot last month was for the Bizarre Cover Girl Competition...
I WON!!!


Yaaaaay!!! ♥
It will be available in stores from 29th Sept!

On Thursday I will be traveling down to London again.
I had been having no luck with agencies in the past either getting me no work, or forgetting I existed (wankers).
But I have just been signed to Girl Management which is a huge accomplishment! Have been working furiously with them since last week and so I must go back down to London as much as possible for meetings and work!

It looks as though on Thursday night I will be making an appearance performing for the opening night of the new Fuel Girls night club, Jet Black! I'll post more info on that when I know what's going on ^_^

Friday I will just be shooting aaaaall day, and then over the weekend I'll be walking for janedoelatex in her fashion show at the London Tattoo Convention!

Exciting stuff!

I'll be hanging out with my biatch Harlot Rouge over the weekend as well as my loverrrr adreenaxxx.

I got more pics from the other night when we went clubbing in Mayfair... lol
I think these are my favourite pictures of us that I have ever posted.


This was right after some guy had followed us in our taxi and tried to randomly jump in it.. I screamed, "Driver! Use your ninja skills and loose 'em!!".. Hahaha classic stuff right there =P

We are damsels in distress FYI

Sometimes we remember to be models..


Seriously getting anxious about my puppy. I want her now. NOW DAMMIT!!! Only two weeks to go!!

Paris and London<3

A lot has been going on the past couple weeks... shit's literally getting fucking insane now.

I'll start with Paris.
It was amazing! I had so much fun! And it was great to reeeally enjoy Paris, I saw all the tourist-y stuff, got to visit hurtmeso, ate A LOT of cheese, drank a tonne of wine, and best of all... NO DRAMA! =D

It was great to work for Burning Angel again too, and Joanna is so cute! I have adopted her as my sista from anotha mista. We do a lot of things the same, and are both a little bit cheese fanatical =P

Us girls hanging out at work!

Lucky and I

Joanna, Holly and I before shooting together!

While I was there I took a lot of picture of food. The highlight of this food-gasm was when we went to an over-the-top restaurant in which I was afraid to talk it was SO fancy. 9 courses. I'm now going to make you guys hungry...

Collapse )

Did you know that bestiality porn is legal in france? It is... 0_o


I miss this view...

Aaanyway, so yeah. Paris was amazing.
That was... a week or so ago.

Today I just got back from London. I had to do a shoot and I also had a super important meeting which went insanely well! It looks like I will probably be moving to London first instead of LA, which kinda sucks, but this is too big an opportunity to pass up. Whatever, I think everything will work out for the best this way ^_^
I will still be going to San Fransisco in November and bringing back a play mate with me... hehehehehehehe =P

I stayed with goth_amalthea and it was nice because ulorin_vex just happened to be staying too, so that was a fun surprise ^_^ Girly fun was had by all.

Here are some pics from my shoot!


Photography: Trevor Goldsmith
MUA: Ekaterina Alimova

That night I met up with my love adreenaxxx and we went out on the town to some A-list club to 'cause a scene, which we successfully did haha! Many adventures were had!


♥ ♥ ♥

So I've had some more news on my puppy. She's had her first vaccination's and will be ready on the 1st Oct! I just ordered a bunch of stuff online for her. All of it in pink of course hehe. She will have a pink spiked collar =P

I also ordered this...


Yes... I will be dressing her when it's cold out... I've read everywhere that Miniature Pinschers get cold easily so you have to make sure they are kept warm, and I live in Scotland. Duh.
That and who wouldn't get a kick ass hoodie like that for their little baby?1 =P

She'll be mine right after London Fetish Weekend, I'm so anxious!!!

I'm also getting restless because I'll be able to reveal my big surprise soon. God dammit why is time going so fast and yet so slow at the same time?!


Well I'm back from London!
It was a hell of a trip!

First night I got to hang out with my love adreenaxxx!! Met her as soon as I got off the train. Then proceeded to check into my hotel and then decided to go meet Marcus T for drinks! I ended up only staying a total of 30 seconds before I realised I had to run back to my hotel to do an interview... oops!

I hate interviews because I always without fail end up thinking I sounded like a twat. I'm sure it will be fine though =P

After wards Adreena and I met up with the lovely Tony Mitchell and we went to dinner at this amazing Japanese restaurant in SoHo. I proceeded to order faaaar too much food (Nothing unusual there) and we drank a lot of sake... hehe yumm!! Once we had eaten until we felt sick we went around some of the sex book shops in the area and criticized everything. Of course.

I had to get an early night so it was back to the hotel for me!
The shoot was amazing! I don't want to talk too much about it because it's super secret but in short, it was probably the best shoot I've ever done in my life and it was everything I expected it to be, and then some! The house we shot at was an amazing 70's themed mini mansion! There was even a big pool! I wish I had gone swimming, I did have a bikini on me and everything! But it was a hectic day so alas it wasn't to be. Everyone working on the shoot were a bunch a genius's and a good laugh! I can't wait to work with these guys again. Go team!!!

After the shoot I was on a complete high. I'm so happy with how it went!

Back at the hotel..
I realize that I am holing my iPhone upside down, it's easier to take pictures that way haha

So I went out to celebrate with my friend Emma who I hadn't seen in almost 3 years! Ridiculous!
We went to a intensely posh club some where in London, and they kept giving us free bottles of vodka so needless to say I ended up being a bit drunk.
I got to hang with my friend Jorma too so that was fun! Jorma time is always fun time. ^_~

Next day when I went to get my train home I realized I was still drunk. Always a funny situation when your standing at Kings Cross.

So I'm home!
Found out that I'm going to be in Paris next week doing a shoot for Burning Angel. I do believe I will be shooting with Joanna Angel herself. =D

In other news I am going to get a puppy. A Miniature Pinscher! Found a breeder with pups for sale already! Omigawds!!!

This be the little babe I am in the process of getting...

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

In summary... life is awesome♥